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The window or door opens wider at the top, creating natural indirect, and continuous ventilation, free of drafts
The window or door opens inward like a french door for ease of cleaning and fire escape.
Single handle operates multiple lock points to ensure a tight seal, giving greater protection from air, water and noise infiltration.

System description

The tilt/turn window is Eurobuilt's highest performing window system. Unlike many other windows, the design utilizes twin seal compression with overlapping sash and frame, which greatly reduces air, water and sound infiltration.

Efficient use of internal walls adds strength and creates multiple chambers for added thermal insulation. Because the tilt/turn window is made of vinyl and has fusion welded corners, it will never split, gap, or warp like wood windows. Eurobuilt has proven this design with more than ten years of continuous, extensive use by satisfied customers.

Examine the elegant, clean lines of the windows. Hardware is cleverly concealed. A single handle locks and operates the window. Eurobuilt manufactures European-style tilt/turn windows that tilt inward at the top for ventilation and hinge at the side to swing in for easy cleaning and egress. The Eurobuilt system can be configured in many combinations to create unique project designs which can include both tilt-turn doors and windows, specialty arch tops, and geometric shapes in flat wall, bay, or bow.

The Eurobuilt system can also be used to create French doors, "atrium" doors, and other swing entry doors. You can even glaze large areas such as storefront and limited curtain wall! The possibilities are endless.

System design features

  1. All frame profiles feature connecting "lugs" for attaching various coupling/reinforcing profiles to create a full range of multi-lite, curtain wall, and projecting or bay windows.

  2. Steel reinforced frames and sash profiles accommodate structural loads of larger window and door frames.

  3. All sash profiles feature "Euro-groove" for mounting standard or optional security hardware.

  4. High performance glazing seal in combination with inner co-extruded glazing stop allows a glazing range of 3/16" - 1-1/4" glass thickness.

  5. Tried and proven drainage system (rainscreen principle) assures excellent performance against wind driven rain and air infiltration.

  6. All sashes and picture windows are glazed from inside making glass replacement easier; adding security.

  7. Overlap design of sashes and center seal promotes high sound insulation values. All hardware is protected on the inside of center seal.

  8. All frames and sash corners are mitre-cut at 45 degrees and fusion-welded, providing strength and protection against air and water infiltration.

Dual operating functions

One of the main tasks required of any window is to provide room ventilation. Wide-open windows have the disadvantage that they cause drafts and rapidly chill out the room. When it is cold outside or stormy, windows are frequently kept shut allowing no ventilation at all.

The dual function
of the tilt/turn window design
resolves the problems of
ventilation and energy conservation
in all types of climates.

The window or door can be tilted inward allowing fresh air to enter at the sides and stale air to escape at the top, creating efficient air exchange.

The window or door additionally can be turned inward for rapid air exchange, outside contact, and allows ease of cleaning, or escape in event of fire.


Eurobuilt Inc. warrants its uPVC lineal components to be free from defects for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of purchase; insulating glass units are warranted against seal failure for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase; all mechanical components are warranted for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. Please contact us for further details on warranty.